Monday, August 16, 2010

Oven Potato Chips

My sister and mom have joined Weight Watchers, not that either of them really need it in my opinion - but whatever, and have been watching their "points". My sister leaves on Wednesday to go visit her hubby and so I mananged to talk her into coming and visiting the girls and I for lunch. I promised to make something healthy and realized at 10 this morning that I had no idea what that would be. I decided on  a veggie packed bacon sandwich and oven potato chips.
 I made potato chips one other time but that was much too involved. There was frying and soaking and baking... oh my! Today I just sliced them, threw them on  a cookie sheet (be sure to only do one layer) that was lightly sprayed with olive oil non-stick cooking spray and sprinkled a little salt on top. They baked in the oven for about 10 minutes at 350. Super yummy and a great healthy alternative to regular chips.
They really are time consuming for the amount you actually get but they are a nice treat for one or 2 people.
The sandwich was super yummy too! We did whole wheat toast with a little bit of dill mustard, thick sliced  tomato from the garden, roasted zucchinni and squash and fresh spinach with three 1/2 slices of bacon.

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