Friday, October 15, 2010

Pumpkin Spice Birthday Cake

Today I am taking the girls for a playdate. It's pure coincidence that it happens to be with one of my girl friends. What? Our kids play while we eat, and talk, and drink coffee, and talk.
 Making this "mommy playdate" even better is the need for cake. My friend had a BIG birthday this week. The same BIG Birthday that I had this year. The one that makes you say, "oh crap!". She turned 30!!
What's better than cake, to make yourself feel ok with the fact that you are no longer 20-something? We met when we were in our early teens and stayed in and out of touch through our late teens and early 20s. She went to college and away to boot camp and I moved to Chicago and back, twice. One Halloween a few years ago (6 years ago, I think) I was out at a bar with my best friend when I bumped into her again. I made an introduction that night that turned into a marriage. My best friend married my long ago friend. YAY for me!! (and them too)
Now we find ourselves no longer teenage girls but wives, moms, homemakers and 30!! When did all that happen?!
So cake it is!!!

So we never made it to our "playdate". I made this cake on Thursday and scheduled it to post on friday, a first for me. But the cake was yummy, never the less.

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