Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Knitting again.

As the weather started to turn colder I got a serious itch to start knitting again. I haven't picked up needles since last winter. Also with the changing season, I had to reach for a hat for the newest babe, only to realize I don't have one that fits his giant head anymore. So I pulled out the small circulars and the cotton and reminded myself how to cast on.
I spent a few hours working over an evening and day and finished with a fun hat with a braided tail. However, when I went to put it on his head it was too big. Not by much, but too big.

I also apparently forgot how to knit and purl and pay attention to doing it correctly because the bottom is quite wonky. At the end of the day the oldest little loves it and has worn it most of the last few days, so I guess it wasn't a total waste. Although, it's a bit small for her. Can you tell by her faces that she likes that it's silly?

And dont' fret, while the weather has been mild this week, I have another hat on the needles for the babe.
Have you started anything that reminds you of fall?

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