Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Long shorts.

Summer came on here with a bit of a vengence for a few weeks in April and May. Time to swith out the winter duds for the summer bin. You know that bin of clothes that you keep in the top of the closet that has the off seasons clothes. You know what I'm talking about right? Good, let's move on.
This is our first summer with the boy so he is sans said bin. The girls were in ok shape, I have plans to make them each a few sundresses very soon. The boy however, was living in a diaper for a few days. His warm weather wardrobe consisted of onesies and no pants. Which is totally fine at home, but people look at you a little funny when you take your 3 year old sized baby out in just a diaper.
This little man of ours has been in the transistion for speed crawler to wobbly walker. He hasn't fully committed to walking as his full time means for getting around. The problem with speed crawling in a diaper is that you end up with yucky knees. The solution was easy, dig out some of that new organic cotton and whip up some mama mades. They needed to be short enough to allow for cooling air flow but long enough to cover his knees when he's crawling.

 I used the pattern for super simple pajama pants and just cut them shorter. They should fit him a while, fingers crossed, I made them in a size 3. Maybe thru the summer? Oh and this mama got a little carried away with the clippers giving him a hair cut. Maybe a longer guard next time?


  1. He looks like a different kid! I love the shorts Emmy super cute!

    1. Thanks Bec! I totally should have waited and let you cut his hair, but he was all hot and sweaty one day and I just went for it. Note to self, I am not the right person for that job :)