Thursday, December 13, 2012

birthday crown pattern and tutorial

I am so in love with the crowns that I made for Brielle's princess party. I know that the "pattern" is pretty basic and isn't really necessary for an experienced sewist (is that a word? I'm never sure. Is it sewer, sewist? Someone please help me out and clarify).
Never the less, I thought I'd give really clear instructions on how to make it so that you could skip the figuring it out part and get right to the making. Because, after all, everyone needs a crown on their birthday.
Ok, lets get started. You can use anything for your pattern: tissue paper, card stock, fabric or felt. I liked the felt because it sort of sticks to the felt underneath and removed the need to pin. Truth be told, I'm not a huge fan of pinning so I am always happy to skip that step.

First off, draw out the bottom line of the band which is 17 inches wide. Next, measure 2 inches up from the bottom of the band and draw a second 17" line. It's much easier to have a rectangle drawn out for the band.
Ok, now you are going to lay your measuring tape or yardstick across the top of the band (about where I have mine laid) and make a dot on the top line at the 1 1/2", 4, 6 1/2, 10 1/2, 13 and 15 1/2" mark. (We are going to call these the interval marks) These are the bottom of the crown points.
Then find the center of the points (either the 1" mark for the small points or the 2" mark of the large point) and measure up 2" for the small points or 3" for the large point.  Make a mark.
Draw a line from the top point mark you just made down to the interval marks you made along the top of the band to create crown points. This will create the crown points evenly.
Cut out your pattern piece along the outer most lines. (see top photo if you aren't sure of where to cut)


Trace your pattern onto a double layer of felt. (Each crown is two pieces of felt thick, this gives it the sturdiness to stand up nicely). Cut out both layers of felt along line you just traced. I think next time, I will try using pinking shears along the crown points to get a different look.
You can use any ribbon, bias tape or other material of your choosing to create the tie. Cut your tie to 38".

Time to sew. Sew from the bottom of the band on one corner up to the top of the band and around all the crown points. Stop when you get to the other corner of the band bottom. You can use any stitch and seam allowance that you like. This seam is to hold the two pieces together and give a visual quality to the crown. Get creative if you like.

Lastly, pin the tie centered at the bottom of the crown band and sew from one side of the band to the other sewing the tie on while sewing the last seam together.

That's it! Tie that beauty on a little or little at heart and watch them smile like true birthday royalty.

This is my very first time writing out a tutorial and "pattern". Please share any comments, questions or thoughts you might have. And I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see any crowns that you make.