Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tiny glimpses of spring!

Has anyone else become caught by the blahs of winter? We've been plaqued with sickness, both the little and big people among us. I've found myself feeling a bit stagnant. Just not super motivated to do much of anything beyond the regular day to day.
Well, that's all a changin'! It's March!! Oh yeah. Around here that means a few days sprinkled with sunshine and warmer weather. It also means seed orders, baby chicks and more time spent in muck boots.

We've decided to up our laying flock from the 8 we had in August last year, to well, a whole bunch more. We currently have 22 in the laying coop. We have 24 in the outside brooder in the barn and 23(ish) in brooders in the garage. Why yes, I have lost my mind. Oh, did I mention I have 25 more on order for delivery next week? hehe

So here's the plan... Raise the chicks to ready to lay age and sell 1/2 of them to cover the cost of the half we keep. That makes sense right? I'd like to finish out with about 50 laying hens.
We have become friends with an incredible couple who live just down the road and the man half of said couple is building me a mobile hen house. Yippeeeeee!!! I mean seriously, diamonds and fancy clothes don't do it for me. You want to make this farm girls heart swoon? Build me a chicken coop!! My hubs is helping and I am beyond thrilled. I promise pics once I get to see it.
I am going to be swimming in eggs by summer. If you still buy your eggs from the supermarket and think you are getting a comparable product revisit this post on understanding what your carton actually means.

Happy tiny glimpses of spring friends! What are you doing with your warmer days?

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