Monday, February 3, 2014

A Hat... in a Tuesday night.

For several years now fall and winter have been warmed a bit in my home by the weekly company of an amazing group of women. When it began we met twice a month on Tuesday nights. The plan was to provide a time of fellowship around yarn. Knitting, crochet, needlework.... whatever everyone was working on. No program, just time spent with like minded ladies.
 Since then, I'm estimating, a dozen ladies have learned how to crochet or knit (or both). We've moved to Monday nights this year and the faces have changed, but not much. Each week just after my littles are tucked into bed the kitchen table is wiped of the days meals and crafts, the table cloth is brought out of the drawer and snacks are laid out. And then it happens... I can't really explain it... all of the sudden my table is surrounded by laughter, always. No matter the topic that we start on, whether there has been loss or joy, heartache or happiness... we always end up laughing, often to tears - more often, late into the night. I'm not sure they know it, but these ladies feed my mama soul. So often women are so cruel to one another, passing judgement and such. That's what makes these meetings so incredible. Ladies with different lives, coming together over yarn and coffee and laughing with one another. It really is an amazing thing.
From this group of amazing women, and lots of laughter, a hat pattern was written, tested, made, worn, gifted, rewritten, retested and finally published for sale.

Please say hello to the Tuesday Night Hat!
If you too are a hooker who enjoys bulky yarn and easy to work in just an evening hat patterns then this hat is for you. I am super excited to be sticking my toe in the pattern writing game. I hope to have a few more to have these Tuesday/ Monday night ladies test with me, but even if not another pattern is born, be sure that there will be loads and loads of laughter.

I hope today brings you together with women you love and who make your heart smile.

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