Saturday, May 8, 2010

"Deb" is done!!

Saturday! - I'm not calling today day 6 because I have decided to take the weekends off. I did however, finish the beach blanket just in time to give mom her gift tomorrow.
I wanted to give the remaining steps to finish. I wasn't able to get a blanket to put on the back so I used another sheet, it worked fine. I think I'd prefer to use a blanket just because it would feel heavier and in my mind I think I would like that better.
Below you can find the steps that I completed today. The project began on Wednesday so you can find the first 2 steps on that post.
(Again this is from Handmade Home)
Here you go...
3. Baste the blanket
Lay the bottom piece flat on the floor wrong side up, smoothing out all of the wrinkles. Depending on the weight of the fabric, you may need to tape each corner to the floor to keep the fabric taut. Center the top of the quilt, right side up, on top of the bottom piece. Smooth out all of the wrinkles, and pin the two pieces together along the edges. Place a few pins in the center of the quilt to hold it in place. Trim away the excess fabric on the sides.
Machine baste around all four edges of the blanket, removing pins as you go. (ok, I totally skipped the "basting" because I don't know what it means and I didn't really want to sew all the way around the whole thing.)
4. Quilt the blanket
Starting at the top right of the quilt, appox 6" from the side edge, stitch a straight line from the top to the bottom of the blanket. Continue in this manner, moving from right to left, placing each row of stitching approx. 6" apart. To keep the quilt from becoming too cumbersome, roll up the stitched part of the quilt as you proceed.
5. Attach binding
Starting at one edge of the quilt, and using 60" length of bias tape, fold the short length of the bias tape over 1/2" to cover the raw edge. Then place the fold of the bias tape over the edge of the blanket, thereby enclosing the raw edge of the blanket in the bias tape. (that all sounds very confusing. However, the bias tape is pretty self explanatory, you put the fabric in the middle... done.) Use a zigzag stitch to secure the bias binding to the blanket. Complete all four sides overlapping the bias tape at the corners.
6. Finish the blanket.
To make the ties, fold the short ends of the bias tape 1/2" to cover the raw edge. Stitch along the entire edge of the bias tape to close the fold, ending with another 1/2" fold at the end.
On any side of the quilt, measure 8" from the edge and place one end of each of the ties on the top of each other along the edge of the quilt. Secure the ends to the outside of the blanket with a square stitch. The blanket can now be folded in half twice, rolled and then tied.

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