Monday, May 10, 2010

Repurposed Apron "Rose"

Day 6!!

So today I wanted to make an apron. Michelle inspired me!

I went digging thru my fabric closet and found some old valances that had been hand embroidered. They are kind of cool but definately not something I would use as a window treatment.

I cut the two edges off and cut out "arm holes" by using another apron as a pattern. Then I turned over the edges, pinned, and ironed them down. Then I sewed them to create a hem.

To create the pocket (I have to have pockets in my aprons!!) I doubled over a piece of fabric folded over the edges, pinned and sewed them. Leaving the top open I sewed the pocket onto the apron.
For apron strings and the neck I used some old single fold bias tape. I sewed a zig zag stitch the entire length of the tape before I cut it to size. (Again I used the existing apron for measurements.)
I attached the tape to the back side of the apron with a zig zag stitch and was sure to reverse stitch back and forth a few times for a strong hold.
That was it! I know I don't give as clear instructions and the books do, but you get the jist I'm sure.
I decided the scraps would make cool tea towels so I cut them into rectangles and zig zag stitched the edges with a fun green thread.

Repurposing is probably my favorite thing about this project. I love to look at something and come up with a way to breathe new life into and give it a new job. While I don't have any valances in my house, I do use an apron every day!

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  1. Looks great!!!! I think you upcycled AND repurposed all in one shot!!