Monday, May 10, 2010

Quick Mama lunch

So I know that being a busy mom, whether you are a mom of one or 10, there is never enough time in the day to treat yourself to a yummy lunch. It's usually the crust from a grilled cheese or pb&j if you're like me. The last few days I have realized that I enjoy a good lunch, easy, but good. So I'm going to share with you whenever I manage to make myself something healthy(ish), and tasty. This time of year is definately my favorite because of all the fresh veggies that are becoming available. I can't wait for my garden to start to contribute.

Today I had a Honey Mustard Chicken Sandwich. I laid two slices of my Basic Bread (from Day 5) on a cookie sheet then on one side I put 1/2 a chicken breast, sliced (I premake chicken breasts for Jesse's lunch so i usually have 3-4 in the fridge) and a piece of munster cheese. On the other slice I put another slice of cheese and some fresh spinach. I threw it in the oven for 5ish minutes at 400 degrees. When it was done (the cheese was bubbly and the spinach was wilted to 1/2 size) I added Ken's lite Honey Mustard dressing and some red leaf lettuce.

I also had some of "Grandma Shoemaker's" Cole Slaw that was left over from yesterdays Mother's Day dinner. Grandma Shoemaker was my mom's grandmother and apparently years went by before it was discovered that her "secret recipe" was cabbage with a bottle of Marzetti's Cole Slaw dressing. I use 3/4 a head of green cabbage, 1 small head red cabbage and 1/2 a bag of shredded carrots. You can use more or less cabbage depending on your taste.

If you have any good, quick, healthy(ish) ideas for lunch share them in the comments.

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