Thursday, May 20, 2010

New life for an ugly old lamp!!

So yesterday the tote for Noah counted...
Day 14- I had a ton of errands to run this morning but managed to squeeze in a few minutes to run into the thrift store. I always like to check there for vintage sheets. Our local thrift stores are kind of, um, well... sucky. The fun, great finds you will sometimes in find in thrift stores in larger cities or wealthier towns don't make their way to the shelves in Martinsburg. However, I can usually always find at least one or two fun sheets or pillow cases. Today was no exception! (3 sheets and 1 super cute pillow case)

I have been cursing to myself every evening when I sit down at my desk and can't see a darn thing. So, I broke down and bought myself a $3 lamp at the thrift store today. I'm totally kicking myself for not taking a before picture (I'm still new to this whole blogging my life thing, sorry) but, I promise this is a major improvment. While the little people did let me hit the thrift store, the bank, the office, the post office, and Staples, they drew the line when I wanted to run into Micheals and look for fun stuff to dress up this puppy. So, I used what was available. I hit it with a quick coat of green spray paint that I had in the garage (It was a lovely black and gold in it's prior life) and while the white, slightly faded shade would have been fine, I've been dying to use these danglies for over a year and this seemed like as good a chance as any. If I was even slightly artsy I would have attempted some kind of design on the shade, but I'm not so it will have to wait until I can make that trip to Michaels. For now, I love it!!  For $3 you can't beat it, not to mention I saved a functional lamp from the landfill for at least a little while longer.

And a sidenote: I got my Mothers Day gift in the mail on Tuesday. Jesse let me shop for a locket to stick pictures of the girls in. It's amazing and the lady who made it threw in a free necklace with my purchase. I couldn't be happier, so I'm giving her a shout out, or whatever. If you are shopping for jewelry or just like to look at pretty things check her etsy shop out at

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