Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A tote for Noah too!!

So this may or may not count for Day 13 - We'll see how the day progresses.
The ladies were over for breakfast this morning (Dad had to work away from home) and I realized Noah turns 3 on Saturday. While there is no party to attend, his family is moving into their new home (yay!!!) on Saturday, I am so in love with these totes and decided he needs one too. His mom mentioned that he carries around his big sister's hello kitty purses. (This has got to be a stage in development where kids need to carry their stuff with them or something, right?) 
Finding fabric that was all boy but still cute and fun was harder than I expected. My sister had a heavy weight, camo-ish fabric that worked great for the main part of the bag. I decided not to line it because this fabric can just be wiped down with water and soap. I made the pocket out of a blue and whtie gingham. The N is denim. It cried for some color so I trimmed the pocket with the red that I used for the handles. 
I did find that I need to correct the directions from yesterday... it was way easier to sew the top hem before I sewed the sides together to create the bag. 
I am going to fill this with coloring books, crayons and bubbles. How fun, right?

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