Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tote for Lauren

Day 12- Brielle has a playmate named Lauren who is having her 3rd Birthday party on Sunday. I wanted to make her something instead of spending money on a plastic toy, that if she's like my girls, will be no more fun in 5 minutes. Brielle is very much into carrying things in her "purse". Her purse could be an actual purse, a basket, a bucket or any thing that will hold stuff. And she insists we take it with us when we leave the house. I thought Lauren may be sharing the joy of purses too so the idea of a bag arose. I also wanted something big enough to carry coloring books and crayons or similar things that could keep her busy.

I didn't follow a pattern per se so I'm going to give very loose directions as has become the norm for me when I'm winging it with a project.

1. Cut a rectangle or square (or any shape really) out of a sturdy fabric that's folded (you want two identical pieces or use the fold as an edge) and cut one piece (i used the fold as the bottom of the tote thinking it would be stronger)

2. Cut another piece of fabric the same as the first to be your liner.

3. Cut a complimenting fabric for the front pocket (again any size or shape will do) fold over the edges, press and sew.

4. I also cut an "L" out of a thrid fabric (denim in this case) and sewed that onto the pocket with a zigzag stitch.

5. Sew the sides and bottom of the pocket onto the front of the bag.

6. Sew the sides and bottom (I didn't need to sew the bottom because I used the fold) of the liner fabric to make a seperate bag.
7. Lay the outer bag pieces "right" side facicng each other and Sew the outside bag fabric sides and bottom (again I used the fold for the bottom). Turn right side out and press.

8. Put the liner bag into the outer bag (don't turn the liner bag right side out)

9. Fold the outer bag into the liner bag to create a hem at the top of the bag. Press and sew.

10. Cut a strip of fabric for the strap and fold and press so that no edges are showing (I folded mine like bias tape) Then sew down the open edge to keep the strap from opening.

11. Sew the strap onto the bag with a straight or zig zag stitch. You will definatley want to reverse stitch back and forth a few times for added strength.

That's it! I know my directions are far from professional. If you actually use them to make something and need help just email me with questions.
Oh and Sidenote: Yes, I did change the name of the blog (for the 4 of you that actually read it). This just makes more sense. (And brielle was super cute when she said it, so there.)


  1. I am familiar with this Lauren of whom you speak and I believe she will rather enjoy her new tote

  2. Well Dula, I'm glad you approve! Or approve on her behalf :)