Thursday, May 13, 2010

Super Cute Coasters

Day 9-

Today is my baby sisters 27th Birthday! It has become tradition in our family to make gifts so this afternoon (I'm a bit of a procrastinator) I decided to make a set of Coasters. They are super simple and there are a million patterns out there.
Here's what you'll need to make them....
8 pieces of fabric cut to 5" squares. (I used a cute flannel)
4 pieces of heavy fabric cut into 5" squares for filler.
4 pieces of bias tape.
( I would have liked to have used white tape and then used stamps to write something cute like "drink" but I don't have stamps.)
1. Cut the fabric into squares (I used the same cardboard pattern I had made for the quilt I started yesterday)
2. Sew the bias tape across one of the outer pieces (you can really use any pattern you like, I put mine slightly off center).
3. Lay one square down facing right side up, next lay other outer piece right side down (the 2 pieces should be "facing" each other) and lay the filler piece on top.
4.Sew them together as close to the edge as you can, this makes it easier to get a smooth corner. Leave an opening to allow turning them right side out.
5. Turn the coaster right side out. I have found it makes the corners nicer to use a chopstick to poke them out. Press.
6. Use a small zig zag stitch (or straight depending on what look you like better) around the edges. Sew the opening closed with this stitch.
Ok, all done! Nice and easy. You could really get creative with these. You could embroider on a letter for a personalized touch or you could applique something on, you could use batting inside and quilt them. There are so many possibilites!!

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