Friday, July 2, 2010

A picnic blanket (with a patriotic feel)

 I am an overacheiver today. I started and finished a picnic blanket for myself.
I do have to admit that the pieces were already cut into strips. I cut them down more and I laid them out on the bed because it's the only place safe from dogs and kids.

  I sewed the pieces into strips, then the blanket top together, cut the backing (I used a blanket from a yard sale), quilted them together, and finished the edges with bias tape. All in one day.... while my kids were here (there was about an hour of napping.) I have to say, I'm pretty proud of myself. I am excited too that it feels kind of patriotic-y. I had originally cut the fabric thinking I was going to make it all squares and use it for a quilt. I lost motivation on that very quickly. Today I was ready. I wanted a blanket for us to keep in the car and use this summer when the occasion arises.
Ok, I have been trying to upload the pictures for this since yesterday afternoon at 4. They still aren't loaded.  I'm working on getting them up, I just didn't want anyone (laura) to think I was slacking.

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