Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Good Day

Yesterday I got a call from the library that this book was there ready for me to pick up. I had a chance to look through it when we got home from town and I have to say.... I love it!! I need to own it. It's like she knows everything about everything. She's super annoying, but is pretty good at all things homey.
Then as I was just finishing my first flip thru of the book, the UPS man pulled in the driveway and delivered my new sewing machine!! Double yay! I can't wait for the kiddies to head to bed so I can get it out and start reading the manual and figuring out all the cool things it can do.
I also started Apple Dumpling dough this afternoon. I used the recipe for dough from Martha's Baking Handbook (yes, I know I use it alot). It is all wrapped up nicely in plastic wrap and is cooling in the fridge. I made an extra batch (2 pie crusts or 4 dumplings) and stuck them in the freezer to use next week for pie.
Overall, a good day. I will post pictures of the dumplings tomorrow when they are all done and ready to go to their new homes.

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