Monday, October 18, 2010

Is it just me....

Or is making a pie for someone you love just a little more fun? Something about the motion of mixing and rolling out the dough lets your mind wander a bit. Today I was lucky enough to have the task of making a pie for an amazing friend. I was tempted to get started while the girls were napping but this friend is important to my girls and the oldest especially, loves him! I knew she'd want to help and that he'd love knowing that she did.

 So as I sat there rolling dough and peeling apples (and watching my oldest babe rolling out "her pie") I couldn't help but smile thinking about some of the fun had and the happy (and less than happy at the time) times spent with my dear friend. There have been a few tears of sadness and LOTS of tears from laughing, long talks on porches and riding in cars. There have been breakups, breakdowns, break-ins, weddings, vacations, pregnancies (complete with VERY big ankles and equally big attitude.... both from me). There have been nights with no heat in the house because we had to throw the burning logs from the fireplace out the window into the yard because the house was filling up with smoke. You know, average, everyday, good times!
And then I looked up at my beautiful little girl, and I couldn't help but smile again because I know she too will know what it's like to be loved by this amazing friend of mine. She's growing up so fast! The baby joined in the fun too. She sat in her high chair and yelled what I'm sure were instructions at us as we worked.

Today, I took a minute to realize that I am very, very blessed! All the while making a lovely pie!
So, my advice to you today, if you are feeling down, or would just like to feel a little bit more joy.... make a pie for someone you love!
Leave a comment with your favorite "feel good pie" and you could win a little prize from me!

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  1. I absolutely adore pumpkin pie. I have to make two (maybe more) because the kids inhale them!