Sunday, October 24, 2010


So I recently discovered that I love cookies that have coarse salt in them. I made Martha's Banana Walnut Oatmeal Cookies for a bake sale last week and the recipe called for coarse salt. While I do have coarse sea salt in the cupboard, I reached for the regular stuff out of habit. However, after I double checked the recipe, I stopped and got the coarse off the top shelf. Boy oh boy am I glad. It really made a difference in the cookie. Every bite I found this little pocket of salt flavor that made the cookie taste soooo yummy. It's not overwhelming salty, but just right salty.
Skip forward to yesterday.... My husband, brother in law and dad were out and about in the woods in the morning and ended up at my house at lunch time. I threw together some open face sandwiches on bread I had left over from dinner on Friday night and they were happy little campers. But what kind of housewife would I be if I just stopped there? A terrible one right? (I'm kidding, don't get your bloomers in a bunch).
So, while they were eating I found a recipe for Martha's Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies (while the name is helpfully descriptive, it's a little long, no?). I pulled out the mixer and got to quick work. They threw together in just a few minutes. After 13 minutes in the oven, Voila! Super yummy! So why the preface about salt? This recipe called for coarse salt too!! OH yeah! I think I may only make cookies that use coarse salt for the rest of my life.... ok, maybe not, but I do get excited!.....about salt.
In my opinion anything that has peanut butter and chocolate and cookie in the title can't be bad, but these were awesome. I got a little nervous when after sitting on the cooling rack they deflated to sad looking little pancakes (well, flatter than a pancake. Really) After checking the recipe (and the picture on the recipe) I realized they were indeed right. So while I may not take these to an event where people will be judging me solely based on the appearance of my cookies, I will feed them to my favorite people and watch their faces as they are very plesantly surprised.

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