Thursday, October 28, 2010


Today was all about popcorn here. Lots of popcorn. I, along with a girlfriend, am organizing a fall kids party at our church. We have been working on it for weeks and Saturday is finally the big day.
 The idea of spearheading this whole thing was born from selfish motives. I really wanted a reason to let Brielle wear a costume. Trick or treating is still out of our age range. The baby is in bed by 6, and Brielle follows by 8. So the idea of dragging them around town and dealing with the meltdowns only to get home and explain I was taking away her candy because it's bad for her (but yummy for daddy) was something I was really ok with avoiding. I mentioned this to above named girlfriend and the idea of this party took shape. 
There will be games and crafts. A few sweet treats and goodie bags to take home that aren't choke full of candy. We decided on raisins, animal crackers, Oreo sucker thingys (I may have to get Kerri to do a guest post on these they sound super cute and pretty easy) and a bag of popcorn. The popping of the corn fell on me so today I got to work. I did 5 batches in my largest nonstick pan. (I made popcorn once before in a big stainless stock pot and I had really bad luck.) I tossed the popcorn with a little salt and bagged it up. 25 bags later and I can mark that off the long list of things to do over the next 48 hours. 

While I was elbow deep in popcorn I decided to try my hand at a batch of kettle corn, again. I have had a few bad experiences that resulted in really burnt popcorn. Today I used this recipe and the biggest thing I got from it was the fact that I was going to have to shake the pot often while it was popping. Duh! I should have known that. Success! Yummy, crispy, sweet, salty, goodness! Ahhhh! I made a big bowl to put on the Mommy table at the  party.

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