Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Another Birthday Bag

A friend of mine has a little girl who turned 6 this week. Her birthday party is this weekend and while Brielle is still to young to partake of the slumber party, she is really excited about going. We will probably sneak over for a little while and drop off her present. I have come to love my stand by birthday bag. This time I used a pink denim that I had in the stash and lined it with a striped cotton. The front pocket is super cute with a little village scene complete with a sweet shop, houses and little people.
I found some great goodies that we had around the house to go inside. Brielle picked out 3 pencils, a pack of note cards, stickers and 2 stamps. I will stop this week and grab a sketch pad, a stamp pad and some colored pencils to round out the gift.
I may try to do some applique on it before it makes it's way to the birthday girl. It just looks naked without a big letter on the pocket.
I went back on Saturday before the party and added the birthday girls name. I embroidered it onto a piece of denim and then appliqued it on. She was super excited with her bag! (and so was I)

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  1. I may have to commission you to do one for Lauryn's bday in January. SUPER cute!!