Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Have you ever had a friend who made you certain you were a big whiner!? I have a girlfriend who is in her 36th week of pregnancy. She has been on insulin her entire pregnancy, she has 2 other children to chase after, she moved into a new house, knitted hats to send to Pakistan (or Afganistan, I can never remember), helped me throw a fall party for 40 kids, baked hundreds of cookies and such to fundraise for said party, and most recently has been forced to be on bed rest and she hardly ever complains about it. So annoying, right!? I whined and complained my way thru my entire pregnancy, well both pregnancies if we are being honest.  And what did I accomplish? I slept and laid around. Hardly ever cooked dinner, my husband lived on sandwiches. I didn't do anything for anyone else. Man, I suck!
This weekend the some ladies threw this friend of mine a baby shower. I wanted to make her something special since she has become such a fast friend. A few months ago I picked up fabric knowing the plan was to use it for this gift. I embroidered 3 squares with dinosaurs that were in the fabric and then laid the quilt out in a pattern that I'm sure would make any real quilter shutter. I didn't follow a pattern. I just cut pieces and fit them together.

 I had planned on quilting it with my shiny new machine. However, said machine had an entirely different plan. I was about 6 inches from being done sewing the  edging on when my machine revolted and decided it was done for the day. There was cursing and yelling, slamming things, really a good old fashioned temper tantrum. Yep, I sure did. Right there in front of my 3 year old (not the cursing part) I explained to her that mommy was very mad and that this was terrible behavior and not an appropriate way to deal with frustration. I am totally serious, I said that. Then I went into my room and acted like a spoiled brat who didn't get the toy they wanted. It did not make me feel better but it was absolutely necessary.
I ended up having to hand quilt it, which I've never done before. It turned out ok in the end. The friend loved it and that's all that matters really.

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  1. I think it is beautiful. Glad I got to see it, I hear lots about it.