Wednesday, December 8, 2010

So, it's been a while.

I won't make excuses for having been gone so long from here. It's been a little nuts around here. Between thanksgiving and the girls getting sick, me being sick, hubby was sick too, we had friends in town, Brielle turned 3 and had 2 birthday parties all on the same day..... Ok, so maybe that sounded alot like excues.

I have managed to be mildly productive during that time, but just mildly.

These are ornaments that I made by just wrapping scrapes of material, ribbon and ric rac around a foam ball and pinning a loop of ribbon on top to hang them on the tree.

The original purpose for this "tree skirt" was going to be a blanket. I started crocheting it when I was pregnant with my youngest daughter and realized a few months ago that I had absolutely no intention of ever finishing it. So I tied it off and moved on. It just happens to be the perfect size to wrap around the bottom of our tree and it matches the colors I use.

With Christmas coming there are lots of things to be made. In case you don't know this about me, our family (which includes us plus 9 gift recipients, not counting the girls) decided a few years ago that we would give only (pretty much) handmade gifts. And if we are being totally honest, I have 17 days and no gifts completed. To be even more forthcoming, I only have one hat on needles. That's all I even have started. Ahhh! Why am I blogging. I should be working!
I'll be back soon. I promise! If you feel so inclined tell us what you're making this holiday season.

This was really hard for me. I was asked by someone in our church to embroider this.  Folks from several churches will do a square and it will all be sewn together and finished as a quilt.  Here's the problem(s) I faced. First, I was super nervous about being brand new to embroidering and having my piece put  next to folks that I'm sure are old pros. Secondly, I really (REALLY) dislike Precious Moments. This did not help the process, at all. However, I managed to finish it and am really excited to hand it over and move on.

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  1. Holy crap Em it looks FANTASTIC!!!! Better than I could ever do! Wow!!