Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Sweaters.... for salt and pepper shakers. What, doesn't everyone "dress" their tableware? We just recently moved furniture around, which isn't terribly unusual for me. However, this time I decided to ditch my dining room table for a smaller one. Yep, smaller. We were using a large rectangle farm style table with 2 heavy benches and 2 chairs. I swapped it out for a smaller octagon shaped table top that my mom had in her basement. In it's previous life it was a coffee table in the 60s. I had the hubby pull the legs off the old table and with a little measuring and cutting make a base for the new table. There was a swapping out of light fixtures too!

I am in love with my new dining area. We can all sit at the table without a struggle. The highchair pulls right up and everyone gets their own chair! So exciting.
 It feels so All-American. It was just calling for shakers sitting in the middle of the table. And what's more all-American than 70's Tupperware with a crocheted sweater? Ok, that might be a stretch. But I like it!

I am not totally in love with the finished product but I am sold on the concept. I have made about 6 if them. Several I just tore out. I haven't found a color and pattern that works just right. I'll let you know when I get it.

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