Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bread... plus.

I have once again come to recognize that I love my Basic Bread recipe. Today I was down right craving fresh bread, but wanted it to be a bit more interesting than just white or wheat. So I made a few changes (and additions).
For starters instead of using 3 cups of warm water, I cooked down a pot of fresh spinach with 3 cups of water and used the (slightly cooled from the stove) spinach water and the spinach as my wet ingredient. I also added 1/4 cup of speghetti sauce that was left over in the fridge from a dinner earlier in the week and I diced up 1/2 a can of large black olives (I will use the entire can next time). With the addition of the sauce and olives the dough was wetter than normal and I had to add what probably worked out to another 2 cups of flour.
After the first rise I split the dough into 3 loaf pans and rubbed each with a little olive oil then sprinkled them with coarse salt and some tomato, basil and garlic dried seasoning.
While the flavors aren't as pronounced as I would like it is definatley more than just a basic bread. I had 2 cheese sandwiches when the bread was still hot from the oven. The sharp cheddar just barely started to warm enough to melt. The girls have each had a big buttered slab too.
I suggest you go to your fridge right now and pull out your favorite goodies and add them to your favorite bread recipe. If it seems too weird cut the batch in half so you dont have too many loaves if it doesn't work out.

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