Thursday, May 19, 2011

Granny Stripes

As the time grows closer for the newest babe to arrive I feel myself needing to make both for him and for his big sisters. If I were to allow myself the time I could think up all the ways that I am already creating problems for the middle little. She really hasn't been along very long and over half her life, I've been preggers with her brother. That's kind of a rip off for her. I'm amazed daily when I head over to Soule Mama, who is also very pregnant, and see how she has just finished making something amazing in her "spare time". How does she do it? She is on her 5th. That has to mean more to do, not less, right?
Then I stop feeling bad and let myself be proud of the small things I accomplish each day. Dragging my growing behind out of my very comfy bed; feeding, batheing and playing with littles (even if I try to do all of that from the couch); keeping the floors clean enough to walk on; and on some days squeezing in a shower for myself. On the rare occassion that I get a minute to sit and "yarn" (as the oldest little calls it) I feel overwhelmed again with the reality that what I'm making will be a source of warmth for one of my babes. What could possibly provide more joy for a mama?!

My middle little had been left out of the making and was ready to add a blanket to her crib. I used this pattern and a large chunk of my cotton stash. I would highly recommend this pattern. Once you wrap your head around it, it cruises along pretty smoothly. Not much thinking, something I require these days.

She loves it, and that's what matters. In the spirit of honesty, it's been done for almost a month. I've just had a hard time finding motivation to get back into this space. I promise to try and do better for the 2 of you that visit here.
I hope you find yourself with lots of time for making.


  1. you are going to find that adding a third is much easier than adding a second. You won't have to practically do anything. And I'm inspired. As soon as we finish school (2 weeks!!!!!), I'm going to start knitting again. My fingers are itching for something creative to do!! Love you. Wish I could be around for you when the big day arrives. :(

  2. I'll second what Laura said. Having your first and giving up the freedom of being able to just "go" is hard. Then from one to two when all you've known is one kid. Add that third and it's all downhill from there. Having three is like having 6; they just seem to fit in and blend with what's already goin on.

    I adore that blanket! And YES you need to update this blog a little more often. I'm guilty of clicking on the button in my toolbar more than once a day. LOL I need some motivation and you do it every time!

    Love ya!