Thursday, June 23, 2011

Grand Plans.

Apparently monthly check-ins are what you can expect from me these days. I have such grand intentions of getting on this space and sharing with you all the wonderful things that I've been making, and then I look around and realize I haven't finished a darn thing that I've started in a LONG time.
a baby kimono that still needs buttons. the pattern is here.
Next Friday I will be finishing the biggest project that I started this year. I am scheduled to deliver my third little. My first son. I am so. not. ready. Again I think of all the grand plans I had. Quilts that would be sewn and embroidered by hand. Yarned booties, hats and blankets. Wall hangings that would be appliqued. Dinners and breads that would be made and frozen. What happened? I'm not sure. But he's coming whether I managed to get it done or not.

Cute little bloomers that need the leg cuffs finished. Here's that pattern.
After a few minor meltdowns, I realized that was the important part. In 8 days, I will be holding my brand new baby boy. He won't know that the blanket he's wrapped in wasn't made by me. Or that his room isn't finished, or that his mama (and sisters) are eating a lot of PB&Js.
I think as mamas we put so much pressure on ourselves to be perfect. Or at least what we view as perfect. For some that may be keeping a perfect home, for others balancing work and family. For me, it so many different things and to make things worse, it changes everyday. One day I promise myself I will spend a huge portion of the day just hanging out on the floor playing with my girls. I promise to neglect laundry and overlook the mess and just enjoy my girls ALL DAY. Well, by noon we are sick of each other, they would rather play alone then let me read them a story, and I'm nerotic from trying to ignore the other things that need to get done.
The next day I may commit to nothing but cleaning and organizing, planning on spending time with the girls at the end of the day, after all, they didn't want anything to do with me yesterday. Well, wouldn't it figure that's the day the oldest little wants to sing me 40 songs and put on 3 plays. All the while her sister is hanging on my leg crying.
Real life, my house is usually a mess.

From all of this I have learned, and am continuing to learn everyday, that no matter what we think we NEED to do,  plan to do, or hope to do, at the end of the day if everyone is alive, healthy and mostly happy, the day was a success. Here's hoping you have a successful day.

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