Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Making, just not sharing

So I've had a hard time finding the motivation to write in this space. Finding the time to write out something that no one reads was starting to make me feel like a crazy person. So, I stopped. I'm not sure how often I'll come back here, but for today I felt like sharing.
Although I've been gone from here I haven't stopped making.  A friend and I agreed to split a vendor booth at a local festival in October and so making had to start. We turned in our application and deposit before I even had a single thing made.
I settled on Mommy and me aprons and some tote bags. Why you may ask? Well, because my fabric stash worked with those choices and because they are pretty quick to work up and don't require a lot of steps. Which translates to time that I don't have.

Here's a peek at what I've been working on.


  1. I read your blog! I just don't always take the time to comment. ;) But I think you are super creative and I love how you write. I really do think you have a gift for writing.

  2. Well you are a good friend and I appreciate your encouraging words. Thank you.

  3. Em, I read your blog too. I check your sit on a regular basis and you are the only blog sit i even go to. I love what you do and that you share your thought and ideas with us. I'm not a facebooker but I'm a big fan of mama make it! kisses aLyssa

  4. Emmy - I am not big into blogging but was turned onto your site by a good friend [insert Alyssa]. I share your love of crafting and hope that you do well in October. Please continue to post as a voice for all the crafters out there! Michele

  5. I totally stalk this blog looking for updates. You're going to do great at the festival!