Sunday, September 11, 2011

Computers, ugh! ... and apples

So Friday, I sat down and wrote a heart warming blog post. I spent my precious hour of naptime writing. I then went to save said words and my dumb computer crashed. Grrrr! I lost the whole stupid thing. Even my IT professional husband couldn't bring them back to me. Such lovely, inspiring words - lost forever. You see I can describe it as if you are missing the most amazing piece of blog writing ever, because, well, you'll never know.
Here's a version of what I said, or at least it will begin the same, we'll see where it goes....
I can't belive it's apple season already!!! Summer has flown by this year for me. I have a feeling that as my children grow older lots of times will seem to go quickly, but this summer seems to have been skipped almost. Maybe it's because we had rain this year and the grass never fully turned brown, maybe it's because we just had our first burgers on the grill last night. My guess though, it's because I brought home another babe. I spent all of June watching my belly grow bigger while I tried to chase my 2 small girls, crying silently to myself (and sometimes out loud to my husband) over the fear of how I was going to manage 3 littles all under 3 1/2. 

July started early on the first while I sat in the hospital talking to my son face to face for the first time. The rest of the month has disappeared into the haze that comes to help us survive the first sleepless days with new babes. August, well, I'm not sure. I just know it's gone.
 It's September. It comes every year. It is marked by cooler nights and shorter days. But what lets me know that fall is on it's way is apples. It always catches me off guard when the local farm puts out their open sign. I always seem to notice it on a stupid hot summer day. Each and every time I say out loud, "already?". It's funny how that works, the seasons change, even without asking us if we're ready.
Lots of things didn't get done this summer. I didn't get any food put up. I didn't take great care of my garden, actually it was quite the opposite, if my plants had lived to tell their story, they would tell all others to steer clear of my house. I didn't sew any summer dresses for the girls. I could let myself be disappointed by this summer of "didn't get dones" but instead I will say goodbye to summer with my chin up, because gosh darn it.... I made a person!!

I have decided I will be a mama who sees victories in the small things and not allow myself to be daunted by what others do. I will do the best that I can, strive to be better and sleep soundly. Because honestly, I'm too tired to do it any other way.
I had intended to give you the recipe to the Apple Hand Pies that I made on Friday but that will have to wait until tomorrow. They were yummy!! You should try them.... tomorrow.
Until then, I hope that today feels like a success for you. Did you keep your family as safe and healthy as you could? Did you feed them when they were hungry (yes, popcorn for lunch.... and dinner, counts)? Did you love them with all your heart? Then mama, I do declare, Today was a success for you as well.
No you didn't miss the cookies. Did I forget to mention that when my computer crashed I lost all the pictures that were on it? Hubs backed them up on a drive but I can't get to them. So you get to look at cookies even though I'm not talking about cookies.


  1. You MUST share the cookie recipe!!

    I love your blog. I wish I could write stuff like you do. I adore your insight and how you just drink in the potential in everything around you.


  2. Thanks Michelle. You're sweet. The cookies are from a previous blog post. I make them often. I can get you the recipe.