Monday, December 26, 2011

Well, that was fun.

I hope that this finds you relaxing in the glow of an amazing Christmas weekend. We had a very good weekend here. My absolute favorite part is watching our family learn what works for us and starting new traditions. B is finally old enough to really get it. She understands the story of the first Christmas and also has totally bought into the Santa thing. (that was REALLY important to her daddy) She and Daddy sat up on Christmas eve and watched (what I find to be super creepy) the 60s claymation version of Rudolph. Apparently its a part of his childhood he remembers fondly. It gives me the willies! Gifts were opened. Mama mades were loved on and then left in the pile with everything else. I don't get my feelings hurt because I have found that it usually takes a little while for them to get around to everything.
I promised myself that we would, above all, stay close to home and enjoy each other. We did. We visited with family but never were more than a mile from home. It was perfect. It was a weekend full of gleeful squeals, lots of jumping and a few tears. Today we rest.
How was your Holiday?

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