Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The elving continues.

We are getting down to the wire with finishing up the Christmas gifts. Last night, after the littles headed to bed I was able to finish up their dolls. Remember the lovely list we talked about yesterday? The list from September that was thrown away?  Dolls were on that list but they weren't the dolls you see here, they were these dolls. Or a version of them that I was going to make myself. They would take about 10 hours each to make. Well, I don't have 10 hours, to be honest I barely have 10 minutes these days. So I found a basic rag doll pattern and got to cutting. I mushed a couple patterns together and created my own. I made their bodies, arms and head out of a cotton knit and their legs out of quilting cotton. I have learned through this experience that I am not a clothing sewist. For humans or dolls. It took me longer to figure out and sew these dresses than it did to make the rest of them.
They are happily packed in boxes to be wrapped and put under the tree on Christmas eve. I am super pleased that I will be able to give my girls baby dolls that I made for them. They are not plastic, there is no risk that they have anything hidden in them, they aren't potentially toxic, there will be no recall. They don't talk on their own (imagination required), they don't require batteries, they aren't slutty, they don't have boobies or booties. They are sweet, innocent baby dolls for my sweet girls.

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