Tuesday, December 20, 2011


I don't know about you, but we are in full blown elf panic in my neck of the woods. In September my list of gifts that would be made and gifted was long and lovely. Everyone I love would recieve something thoughtfully made just for them. The littles would have several mama mades to open and I would be the hero of Christmas.
Now that it's the week of Christmas that list has been thrown out the window and has been replaced by a much, MUCH, shorter list. Thankfully I didn't have to publish the first list for anyone to review.

Yesterday I finished up a bag I made for my sister. She just had her first baby over the summer and so, is carrying her first diaper bag. Now every mama knows that it takes a little while to figure out how you like your diaper bag. What you need in it, what you want in it, where everything should go. Well, sister realized that she needed a smaller bag to hold her wallet and other mama care items so they wouldn't get lost in the big section abyss. She has been using a gallon ziploc bag for the last 4 months. When I asked her if she'd like me to try and make her something to do the job she said, yes something the same size would be perfect. So, I made her a bag the size of a gallon zipper bag.
I haven't made many bags. To be clear, I've made one other bag that was not a simple tote. There was a lot of pausing and head scratching during the process, but in the end I am happy! I put a magnetic snap closure (my first time using one!) and a wrist strap instead of regular purse straps. I didn't want her to have to fight with a lot of strapping floating around and getting in the way. It's fully lined and has 2 interior pockets. No this is not a super involved bag that everyone is going to jump over themselves to have, but it will do the job. After all, the point of making gifts to give is that you send them off with a little love from you.  It does help though if they like it!
What are you making this year to give? Are you done?


  1. Awe.some. I love the no strap touch and inner pockets. To answer your questions, I am starting on my hand-mades tomorrow...the 22nd of December. Doh.

    I'm making a bunch of strong little magnets, with mini photos cut out and glued behind inch-wide clear glass bead thingys....hope to post a pic or two after Christmas.

    Love the dolls too! For some reason, your blog doesn't always let me make comments. Let's see if this one works. What I'd tried to say is that those dolls are darling and a half, and they look quite ready for Christmas together. The fact that they don't talk, poop, cry, crawl, or give each other wet willies is the BEST. Yes, imagination required - ha ha.

  2. Ok, I figured it out. I have to definitely be signed in to blogger before I try to comment here. I can't just follow the given path and sort of sign in as I comment, like I can with some blogs. One of life's (blogger's) mysteries.

  3. Thanks Lori! I would love to see what you make. they sound super fun. I haven't quite figured the comments thing out yet either. I should probably try a little harder. ;)