Monday, January 2, 2012

A new year, and another Monday.

I had the funniest conversation with my oldest little trying to explain what the "New Year" meant and why we wished people a happy one. "Are there presents?" "Is it someones birthday?" The questions went on and on and she finally settled on being told that it would make more sense when she was older. That grown ups use it as a time to look back over the last year and appreciate what they've learned and experienced. Of course that was followed by  "Well Mommy, what did you learn?"

Here's what I've come up with.....
I leaned that I really like looking thru seed catalogs when it's cold outside.
-that I should not spend much money on seeds if I plan to kill them all trying to sprout them inside. (Note for 2012: I must learn how to start seeds.)

-that being pregnant with a third babe while caring for 2 littles under 3 is REALLY hard.

-I learned how to nap on the couch with one eye open while watching above mentioned babes.

-that you really do let go of loads of things that seemed REALLY important as your first babe was growing. (The second babe is just more equipped to deal with toys that aren't sanitized 3 times a day.)

- I gained a new appreciation for the wisdom of all the mamas I know who have more children than me.

- I gave the responisiblily of making a HUGE choice about our first son to my husband, and found out I was ok with that.

- I was reminded that no matter how much we worry, test results do not come back any quicker. Ahh, faith, that's the definition really isn't it?

- I learned what it means to really "breathe" when we got the all clear from those tests.

- I learned that every day I am married to my amazing husband is a gift and that if given the chance he will surprise me with how great he can be.

- I learned that while it seemed impossible, I really can keep 3 littles fed, clothed and (mostly) happy.

- and that it won't make my children better people if the kitchen floor is mopped right now, versus in an hour after we read that story, AGAIN.

Here's hoping you have an amazing New Year and can look back and learn something from the last.

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