Sunday, February 5, 2012

for the boy

This boy of mine is growing so quickly. I mean that he is both growing older quickly and that he is literally growing, quickly! He is 5 days into his 7th month, yet he is the size of a one year old. He has grown thru all the hand me downs I've been given and has outgrown the toddler that we were getting passed down from. So what's a mama to do? Well this mama decided to make some herself. I've made a few pairs of pants out of old t-shirts. (I hope to put together a tutorial on that soon. If you wanna try it in the meantime, there are loads of tutorials on the web.)
My favorite though are the pants I made roughly following Anna Maria Horner's pattern in Handmade Beginnings. I have a stack of flannel that is just waiting to be cut up and made into 4 or 5 more pairs (in a little bit bigger size). I love the preppy fabrics and that they are made to roll the cuff to show off the reverse sides fabric. Oh did I forget to mention that they are reversible? It's like two pairs in one!

I can't make him stop growing up. I know that one day, sooner than I would like, I will look back and wonder when my youngest babe turned into a little boy. I know, too, that the day will come when he wants to choose his clothes and mama mades may not make the cut. Until then, he will wear what I put on him and I will enjoy, for a little while longer, choosing what warms those chunky little legs.

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