Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Today I am in love.

I am in love... with my beautiful middle little. She is full of love and joy. This mama is so blessed that I get to know her. I pray for peace and patience on the journey ahead.

I am in love.... with this growing boy and his ability to make me laugh, no matter what is troubling my mama soul.

I am in love... with this big girl who just seems to understand, is so patient and loves so purely.

I am in love... with my baby sister for being my sounding board and offering the best encouragement a mama could wish for.

I am in love... with this bit of goodness that is finally finished. (Look for a post on it toward the end of the week)

I  love.... that eating carry out from Outback on my couch, with my best friend and partner in this crazy life is a great Valentine's Day date night. (Come on mamas, you know I'm not alone)

I love.... that my husband works so hard and is so excited when I get to buy something I really want, even though he doesn't know what a serger is!

OH yeah, I am in love..... with my serger, even though I haven't gotten it out of the box. Just seeing it on the kitchen table makes me smile.

I love... friends for agreeing to do a challenge that asks them to give up sugar!

I love.... being so incredibly in love and feeling so blissfully loved in return.

I hope today finds you with a heart full of joy and love. God has given us just what he wants us to have and not a bit more than we can handle. I am feeling blessed on this day. Today is about love, the greatest gift we are given.


  1. Yes, you are one blessed Mama. Happy LOVE Day to you!! :)

  2. Thanks Meghan! I hope you had a great day too.