Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Boo-boos and a giveaway.

Well hello there! Where have you been? OH wait, it was me that was missing. hehe. oops. There have been some pretty heavy goings on around here so I've been a bit leary about writing. I was trying to decide if I would share or just keep it to myself. I'm still not totally sure, but I'm leaning towards sharing. Maybe tomorrow? Today is not heavy, not heavy at all. Today is cute and fun and makes me smile.

Once again, I signed up to do a craft fair. However this time, instead of 6 weeks to get ready I waited until the last 3! Yep, three weeks to create an entire stock for a craft fair. Now this one is a bit smaller (a whole lot smaller actually) but, never the less, 3 weeks is pushing it!. I have several things that are in the midst of completion. For today though, I wanted to show you my "boo-boo birdie". This little guy is about 5 1/2 inches tall, is made from 100% cotton (the back is super comfy cotton flannel), and is filled with whole flax. (I've heard that the flax is supposed to hold the heat or cold longer than the traditionally used rice.) I have to say, it may be my favorite! Super cute. If I was a little with a boo-boo, I feel confident this little guy would help ease the pain faster than a sack of peas!

I thought I'd share my love for this guy by doing a giveaway. I am not selling them in my etsy shop until after the 24th so this is your only chance to get one! How exciting is that?! Want in on the action? Go to facebook and either like LouLeeLou for the first time or have someone new like us and put your name in a comment on the wall. All new "likes" as well as people who were mentioned on the wall will be eligible for the random drawing. When I reach 100 likes on the LouLeeLou facebook page I will randomly select a winner to pick which birdie they'd like. You will be entered once for each person that tags you on the wall. Got it? good. See you over on Facebook.
Oh and don't fret! I'll ship it to you if you aren't local!


  1. Stinkin' adorable. Those really are.

    P.S. I don't usually "like" things on facebook, just cuz it makes me accept different apps and what not, and that always freaks me out. So I probably won't like yours over there. Just wanted to explain.

    But in real life, those are as cute as the ears of bugs.