Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I have struggled over the last month to find a way to share in this space. We've had a lot going on here. I know everyone has a lot, but for us, this is ALOT! I was trying to decide if I should go into detail about what's been going on with our middle little or if I should just skip sharing about it here. I have decided to share the brief version.
 At Everlee's 24 month well check in February we received and "unofficial" diagnosis of autism. (Only a developmental pediatrician can officially diagnose.) While this was not surprising to hear, I had a good idea for a few months and lots of hints from the time she was a baby, lots of changes followed that news. We immediately began meeting with early intervention therapists. As of this week, she has 3 weekly appointments and 2 bi-weekly. That's a lot. I am incredibly grateful that we have these tools available to us, I can't imagine having to figure it out on our own, but I would be lying if I said this has been easy. She is on a pretty intensive therapy plan for the next 10 months at which point she ages out of the program on her third birthday. Then she will go to a special needs preschool. Yep mamas, you heard that right, I have to drop off my three year old, non verbal, baby girl at school!! I have 10 months, I have time. I have my fingers crossed and pray daily that we will both be ready in time.

I could go on about how all of this has been a huge struggle, but instead I will tell you... I am blessed! Our family is blessed. This season is tough, but it will pass and we will move on to new trials and new rewards.

It was just announced that the number of children who will be diagnosed with autism in their lifetime has increased from one in 110, to 1 in 80. Everyone knows someone with autism. Be kind.
I have been so incredibly moved by the out pouring of support we have received by people. Thank you!

Other changes that are much lighter have been happening here too! We have added 5 laying ladies to our little piece of the earth. I can not believe how much our entire family has fallen in love with having these gals in the yard. I am overwhelmed with gratitude each time I open the door and find eggs waiting. It's so cool! It's a little like Christmas every day.

There is much planning here about how and when we will be growing/raising more of our own food. The garden has grown 10 fold this year. Last year my two raised beds were very sad. My pregnancy and new babe took priority. There were a few days of cucumbers and squash but then the bugs and weeds came and well, I am embarrassed. But this is a new year! I have moved those two beds, added 4 more and we have tilled a plot of ground that will hold corn, canning tomatoes (romas) and green beans. We have 2 beds planted with cabbage, Brussels, lettuce, beets, carrots, spinach and peas. It's all very exciting. It only took me 4 years of convincing but hubs has finally realized that we MUST produce as much of our own food as we can. Because it's better for our bodies, it's better for the planet and it's better for our wallet. I am looking forward to sharing with you the lessons we learn both through successes and failures.
We only get one chance on this planet, I refuse to be anything less than grateful for every challenge!

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