Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Well, I survived. Remember me talking about a craft fair this past weekend? Remember that I only gave myself 3 weeks to really make my stock? Well, I managed to survive it and get pretty good feedback.
Of course you've met the boo-boo birds, but I wanted to share the other items I made and also to get any feedback you might have. Seriously, I can take it.

This was my table set up the night before. I made a few changes the day of, but this gives you the basic idea.

These are small bow hair clips. Something about bows, just does me in! They just scream, sweet little girl to me.

This may be my most practical item after the boo-boo bird. It's an on-the-go art pouch. It has 4 crayon or pencil spots and a sleeve for a notebook. It closes with elastic and a button. It's perfect when you need to keep the littles happy, but don't want to just hand over your iphone.

And holy cow! The bowties. You know you love these bow ties! I just happen to have the cutest model ever!

These are uber-fun too. Pony tails are just a part of life when you have girls. These spruce them up just a bit. (in the spirit of honesty, I totally rock them too! They're fun.)


  1. I totally want the hair tyes. bow bows. yup, that is what I want :)

  2. Absolutely love it all. What else have you been thinking of making? And I had someone ask me if you're still making aprons.