Wednesday, June 13, 2012

They're PInk!

After steaming my last batch of eggs from the ladies I was left with 10 that had no job, per se. We can ALWAYS eat egg salad sandwiches in this house. For days in a row, we can, I've seen us do it. But, these 10 eggs being jobless coincided with my discovery of a hand full of beets that needed pulled to make room for the others to grow bigger.
What's a gal to do with a handful of fresh beets and 10 hard "boiled" eggs? Well much to my surprise, I decided to try my hand at pickled eggs. You see, I don't like pickled eggs. My grandmother used to buy them for my dad and I just remember the smell. It was yucky! I couldn't have described it as a kid but, I'm sure now, that it was old store eggs and way too much vinegar. I have heard that the homemade version are not even remotely similar and that I might like them. I've been hesitant. I was still not convinced even as I was making them. To be honest, I had no plans of eating them. I knew my dad would be thrilled to have them and hubs likes them too. I figured I wouldn't really have to.
Skip forward a few days..... My fam was headed down for a last minute "welcome home from the beach" cook out and I didn't have enough eggs to make a "my family sized" plate of deviled eggs. I pulled out that pretty jar that had been curing in the corner of the fridge for a few days and added them to the ranks to be deviled.

Now, I may not like pickled eggs, but deviled eggs are another story. I love them. I have for as long as I can remember. I get giddy when I see them on a buffet at a get together. That love affair was escalated to a whole new level when fresh eggs were put in the mix.
Well friends, I don't know if I like pickled eggs, but I sure do like pink deviled eggs! They were super yummy and looked so pretty on the plate. It may be a while before I just reach in and grab one from the jar for a snack, but I will always have a few handy for when deviled eggs are in order.

Here's the "recipe" I used to pickle my eggs. There are tons out there, but I wanted something super simple.

Beet Pickled Eggs

10-12 Hard boiled eggs. Here is a great way to "hard boil" fresh eggs.
4-5 small beets or 1-2 larger beets, washed and greens removed. You will use these to make 1 cup of beet juice and you will put the beet pieces in the jar.
1 1/2 cups of vinegar
2 Tbls sugar

Pack the peeled, clean eggs in a clean one quart mason jar

Then, make the beet juice:
Boil 1 1/2 cups of water with whole beets for 5-10 minutes depending on their size. They should be fork tender but not mushy.
Remove them from the water. Peel then slice or dice them into the size and shape of your choice.
Add them back into the beety water and boil 5-10 more minutes. Boil uncovered both times.

Next, add the vinegar and sugar to the beet juice and stir until sugar dissolves. Pour over the eggs in the jar until eggs are fully covered. Scoop out the beets pieces and add them to the jar. They will continue to color and flavor the eggs.

The longer you leave them in the refrigerator the deeper the color and flavors will go into the eggs. These were in the fridge for 3 days. Eggs should be refrigerated. Even when pickled.
Here's a link with more info.

This, for me, was reinforcement that we are in the right place. I was able to try something new without having to leave my back yard for ingredients. That, to me, is a life well lived. As our family walks through these seasons ahead, I dream of a day when I can get all that we need from our little piece of the Earth. For now, I will be grateful for the land and animals we have been given the privilege of caring for and the blessings they give us in return.

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