Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Eggs... hard steamed?

Sometime last summer it was passed along to me the best way to "hard boil" farm fresh eggs. If you've ever tried to actually boil them you know that it doesn't go well. Fresh eggs hang onto their shells for dear life. Store eggs are older and have more air under the shell. So, it will be an unexpected problem for you if you are new to farm fresh eggs. On that subject, are you still buying your eggs from the grocery store? Why?! There is someone in your area who raises chickens and can supply you with fresh eggs. No matter where you live, someone has eggs! It's worth paying a little bit more to have a far superior product. (Not to mention, you are supporting your community.)
If you aren't sure that there's really a difference crack a store egg and a fresh egg in the same pan, side by side. The yolk will be a different color, the white will be a different color and oh, how the yolk stands up with a fresh egg. It's not all runny and sick looking. The darker yellow/orange the yolk the more antioxidant rich greens the chicken has eaten. It's all very good for you and your family, and the chicken for that matter.
Ok, back to the matter at hand. I am going to share this "secret" with you. You don't actually boil the eggs, you steam them! Super simple, but it totally works. Here's how....

Put the eggs in the basket part of your steamer. (If you don't have a steamer, you can use any pot and put a metal colander in it to hold the eggs. As long as the lid fits snuggly inside of the colander the steam will stay in and it will work. I've even wrapped a colander and pot in foil to keep the steam in if the fit wasn't tight enough)

Fill the pot with a few inches of water. You don't want the water to touch the basket, it needs to boil and create steam under them.
I have found that it's better to go longer than risk not going long enough. I steam mine for 20-30 minutes depending how many eggs and what size they are. Then turn the heat off and let them sit (still covered) for another 20-30 minutes, if you have that long to wait.
Soak, or at least rinse them, in cold water and peel as usual. If you are still having a hard time, run them under cold water while you peel them.

That's it, super easy. It takes a bit longer, but not much.
Buy local, eat better! Eggs are the best place to start.

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