Monday, June 11, 2012

Like potato chips

No, this post is not about potato chips. It's about goats! Then what, you may ask, am I talking about?! I am unable to show any self restraint when it comes to potato chips. I can not have them in the house. I have been known to eat 1/2 the bag upon opening them. Apparently, I have the same restraint when it comes to super cute, super mouthy goaty gals! Ladies and gents, please say hello to Darla. Darla is the third mini-nubian to grace our little piece of the earth. She has been here less than a day and I'm already in love. I could sit all day and watch these ladies. Such personality in each of them.

Darla will not be giving us milk right now, but it seems as if she will be giving us our first babies in November! Yep, she's a mama-to-be. Oh, how things are changing around here. I love so very much this season of newness and learning that we find ourselves in. I hope today finds you enjoying the season you are in.

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