Monday, August 20, 2012


There have been lots of exciting things happening here on this little piece of land. I thought I'd give you a quick tour. Grab a cup of coffee or sweet tea and walk with me....

This is the new home for our broilers. Hubs and some wonderful friends worked very hard on this lovely piece of craftsmanship. I do realize that the image that comes to mind when we hear the words farm and homestead are usually rolling hills, painted fences and perfectly finished buildings but in real life, at least in our world, you do with what you have or can attain and make it work! Recycled tin, cattle panels and zip tied tarps may not make it into Country Living but it sure does work in the way we live in the country.

Sorry vegan friends. I know they are super cute right now. It's funny how my littles seem to have no problem understanding the difference between these birds and our layers. They don't have names, they aren't very smart. They eat and drink ALOT! However, they will feed our family thru the winter, thus earning them a very valued spot in our hearts.

That is the face of one seriously proud man! He said to me last night when we finally sat down in the living room at 9:30, "This is how it should be, a man should be tired when his day is over. My food tastes better and I know I will sleep very well."

A few weeks ago we added three strands of electric fence around the thickest parts of our fence row and turned the goaties out. The were in total bliss..... until.... in true goatie fashion it was decided the grass was greener on the other side of the fence and needed to checked out. I found them heading up the driveway. After inspection and finding they seemed to have just walked right through it we realized perimeter fence needed to be installed before electric would be sufficient for them. Wanting them to have more forage to consume we ran a stretch of fence right thru the middle of the garden seperating the finished corn from the rest of my veggies and turned them lose in the very thick corn patch. (Hubs was not great at weeding his corn)
Can you find the goat?

Magic is happening here! Once again our amazing Olive has taken to brooding. Thursday night I put eight foster eggs under her, crossed my fingers and went to bed. Friday morning six remained. I think her babies from the last batch got into her nexting box with her and cracked the other two. My attempts to move her to the brooding box failed miserably. She was having no parts of it. She really likes to brood in the coop with the other hens until the very end. It's been a few days and the 6 still remain. Again, fingers crossed and knocking on wood.

Our oldest babe is starting pre-k tomorrow and so as any completley neurotic mama would, I set to baking. I made some breakfast bars that we will talk about soon, two loaves of my basic sandwich bread and one loaf of cinnamon swirl bread (a family favorite).

I even managed to take a minute and soak in the view and rememeber to be thankful for the blessings we have been given here on this little piece of the earth. 

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