Saturday, September 1, 2012

Tiaras of yarn

Friday was hat day at Brielle's school. Have we talked about that yet? She started pre-k 2 weeks ago. Don't even get me started.... She loves it, so I'm happy (not really). Everyday I am encouraged to do more research on our goals of homeschooling. For now, it's what right for her.

Ok, moving on.... Hat day. I pick her up from school at 11:25. At 1:30ish on Thursday we went looking for a hat that she could wear the next day. After decling all of the choices she was given she says, matter of factly, "Mommy, can you just yarn me a tiara?" I crochet and knit so she calls it all yarning. My knee jerk reaction was to say "well NO, I can't crochet a tiara in the next 16 hours. My plate is full with other things." Instead, I took a minute to look at her sweet face and realized, she won't ask me to do things like this for very much longer. The day will come when mama-mades won't be cool enough and tiaras won't be perfectly acceptable head gear for school. So, we headed to Ravelry and found a few patterns. I didn't find one that felt just right, but this one was close enough to get me started. She picked out her colors before she went to bed and when she woke up it was done. The look on her face was pure joy and that was totally worth finishing up at 10:30.

Allergies have been tough on my girl these days but even a nap isn't cause to take off one's tiara.
Today I want to leave you with a piece of advice I need to give myself more often that I'd like to admit.....
Mamas, take a minute to endulge one or two of your babes wishes, because they will not be so sweet and interested forever.

On a sidenote: my amazing friend Heather started a blog and you should totally go check it out. She makes wonderful, homemade, household goodness!