Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The first chill

Autumn Solstice came and went and I missed celebrating it here in this space. I am a huge fan of fall it may be my favorite season, at least a seriously close second to spring. I love that it's staying dark a bit later and I get to watch the sun move across the fields each morning. I love that I need a sweater when I head out to do my morning chores. I love that I need coffee every morning, tea or iced coffee just will not do.
It's that first chill in the air. The chill that says, "hurry and get in the last of the harvest before the frost", "walk a little faster in the evenings if you want to do your chores in the day light", "and slow down a bit and get your hands in some yarn". Oh how I love this season we are in.

Late last week I sat down to have my coffee and check in on the world via the interwebs and realized that my toes were cold. Seriously cold. It was time to pull out my slippers. Well, last years slippers have gotten lost somewhere in the abyss of my closet so I found my old favorite pattern and made a new pair.

In a manner that is unusual for me, I decided to make a few extra pairs in anticipation of the craft fair that I have in early December. Look at me, planning ahead. So there's been lots of yarny happenings here and new slippers just in time for chilly mornings.

What are you doing to get ready for the new season ahead?


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