Friday, September 14, 2012

a cardi for the big girl

Well, it's finished. The Swing Set Cardigan that I started for Brielle is all finished. Just in case you missed the last one, the pattern is from this book.

I made a few changes to the finishing. I felt like the scalloped edge was a bit too pretty for my growing to fast babe.

Once again, the buttons are vintage from my stash. If you make things that require buttons I sure hope you are scooping up tins and jars of them at yard sales and thrift stores. I am amazed by the treasures I find. I swear one of my jars has buttons from every decade starting in the 20's.

She wasn't sure that she loved this mama made. You see it's not pink or purple, there are no sparkles and the princess buttons she thought it should have do not exist in our house. I offered to give it to her sister since she didn't like it.... that fixed that. She wore this lovely around for hours before she was ready to take it off.

There is nothing quite like finishing a big yarny project. I am so excited to find the next one to put on my hook. I have two more babes that need sweaters and I do believe that it is time to start thinking hats.
Happy Friday friends. Here's wishing you a weekend filled with crisp mornings, warm cups of coffee, sweet giggles of babes and some yummy yarn in your hands.


  1. It looks fantastic, Em!! You did an awesome job, yet again!

    1. Aww, thanks Megan! That's very kind. I'm super excited.