Thursday, May 2, 2013

The most amazing chicken house!

So a lot has been going on here with the changing of seasons and the coming of spring! Warmer, longer days, growing chicks, sprouting seeds, mud puddles and the lovely sound of nature coming out to play after a long winters nap. I promise to give you updates on loads of things in the days to come, but for today I must MUST give you a tour of our ladies new abode.
We have been blessed with the most amazing gift. We've recently befriended a family that lives nearly across the street. By miracles chance, the mama is wonderful and she and I have become quick and dear friends, our husbands get along and our kids play well together too!! I know, it's the trifecta of parenthood!! While my hubs is always willing to try his hand at constructing my current wishes, this neighbor papa has a bit more know- how and has been so incredibly gracious at sharing that with us. One evening sitting around the kitchen table I told him of my dream of a mobile chicken house. I wanted it to be big enough to hold 50 layers, have an open bottom so I didn't have to clean it as much, and be totally movable with hubs 4-wheeler. He didn't roll his eyes at me one time! There were sketches and ideas tossed around. Then there wasn't much more talk of it.
On the eve of my birthday, well after dark, I heard a strange noise outside. I found my dream chicken house coming down the road behind his tractor! It was the prettiest parade I'd ever seen!

The new mobile coop with the old barn in the back ground.

He stenciled above the door for me!! It's mine all mine. And my nest boxes are accessible from the outside.

I mean have you seen anything so pretty in all your life?! so I may be a tad overzealous about a chicken house.

He made the floor wire so the clean up is minimal! It just falls right thru and fertilizes the fields. Then it's moved onto a new spot after a few days.  
This is a smaller version he made for himself! He's decided he enjoys the chicken house business and has started taking custom orders.

*read this in your best crime show/infomercial voice* If you or someone you know is in need of housing for your chickens please call Adam at 304-676-3782. Seriously, if you live in the Eastern Panhandle of WV or surrounding areas he can build whatever you need and even deliver.

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