Monday, May 6, 2013

Hellos and Goodbyes....

 I embarked on a journey in January with the arrival of my first batch of chicks. I had never raised my own chicks before and, in my style, I jumped head first into the deep end. Over the course of a month I put nearly 70 chicks in brooders. My plan was to sell half to pay for the hens I would add to our laying coop.
This weekend I attended my first chicken swap. I've been very anxious about selling my birds.  I took 25. 13 Silver Laced Wyandottes and 12 Golden Comets. I also had 3 roosters that I was selling for a fella who let me use his crates. I had no expectations. I took the advice of a good friend and made up signs that showed a little info about the breeds as well as their hatch date and when I expected them to begin laying. With the help of a couple great friends I got set up, took a deep a breath, crossed my fingers and waited.....

My set up at the swap

My information sign for the Wyandottes.

and for the Golden Comets.

We had fliers set up for the amazing Adam and his custom built houses and I did a little card with my contact info.

To my absolute delight, I sold everything I had, save 2 Wyandotte roosters, in an hour and 15 minutes. I was completely floored. I couldn't believe how quickly I sold out.
Yesterday 20 more young hens made their way to new homes and away from our little piece of the Earth. I was a bit sad to see them go, but only for a moment.....

Because this guy showed up!!
Say hello to Edgar.

While Edgar is likely destined to be a fine supper, for now we are so enjoying him. He's absolutely beautiful and there's nothing quite like the sound of gobbling turkey in the  morning.

I suppose that is the way of farm life, you say "goodbye" while knowing that the next "hello" is just around the corner.

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