Thursday, May 27, 2010

Another Beach/Picnic Blanket - New and Improved!!

I know, I know, "a repeat already?" I am making a gift for a friend (who may or may not read this before I get the gift finished and delivered) and that was just all I could squeeze into today. I had hoped to make something else and not have to post this until after it had been gifted, but that hope has faded.
I have no desire to retype the instructions so you may find them here. I did however decide to make a few changes. Instead of cutting the pieces to 30" I cut them to 36" and I've decided to add a border around the edge. That should add over a foot on 2 sides and close to a foot on the others.
I got about the same steps done today as I did on the day of this post. I got everything measured, cut and the rectangles sewn.

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