Friday, May 28, 2010

Pound Cake - Yum!!

Need I say more? Today was a very full day, Brielle (and Mommy) had a play date (in another county). Before we had to leave for what turned out to be the day, I had time to make my very first pound cake, from scratch, at 8 in the morning! mmmm.....
Jesse is going to meet my folks at "funny clothes camp" this weekend and needs to pack in food to supplement what my mom takes. And it has to be, or appear to be, 18th century appropriate. So, this mornings baking was spared on by needing to make 3 loaves of bread. I used my  Basic Bread recipe and used more wheat flour this time. I also shaped them into rounds instead of using a bread pan.
I thought throwing in a pound cake would certainly make everyone smile. It's not possible to make a cake without a pan, so I just used loaft pans instead of a tube pan and figured they'd get over it if the cake was yummy enough. (and it is)

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