Tuesday, May 25, 2010

New Napkins

So I needed something easy to do today because I spent the morning running around. I decided today was the day to rediscover the local libraries. (I was disappointed but faith was renewed when I was informed I can order a list of books online and have them at the library for me to pick up).
With the weekly breakfast on the horizon for tomorrow I decided to wipe up some new cloth napkins. We have been using cloth napkins in this house for a long time. Because 1- I hate how expensive paper towels are (that's what usually makes it to our table) and 2- because it just feels good.
All the napkins I have are plain. Either all white, tan or the most racy - a red that I have discovered (the hard way) run all over the place when washed with ANYTHING else. So, I pulled out a few of my favorite cotton scraps and got to work. I have seen a few different options for finishing. The easiest was to just run a straight stitch and let the edges fray. After doing a few I realized that looked kind of messy.

The other is to do a very small hem (1/4") around the edges. The second is more time consuming but does give a more polished look. I like both batches.
 I didn't even bother to cut the pieces to exactly the same size because I just don't care that much if they are exactly the same. I like the mixy matchy look.  I do think though that a set that match would be a great gift idea. If I ever used them I would do a set of placemats too.

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