Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Weekend of a few firsts..... and lots of fun!!

I hope that this weekend you got to experience some of the bliss that I did!! Last year (and the year before) Brielle was in bed and fast asleep by the time the fireworks display started in our back yard. So this year we were all very excited that she was going to get to play. I have to admit, I was a little bit apprehensive that she would be scared of the sparklers and the loud noise of the fireworks. No need to worry mama... she was in love!! I have only seen the level of joy she showed a few times in her short litte life. She literally jumped to her feet and cheered each and every time that one a firework was lit and went off.

And of course there was food too!! I am in love with these. Popsicles are now a favorite food of little people around here. And I love that I get to decide what goes in them. This weekend we made a special batch (ice cream was involved and that's a big deal in this house). I layered blueberry, raspberry and vanilla ice cream (all of them were vanilla when they arrived, I just added juice and fruit) and let them freeze for a few hours. Next time I will use all ice cream, I had a little juice at the end and that froze harder than the ice cream making things a little difficult to get them out of the molds.

I also made an "ice cream cake". I made a white cake (from scratch) in a sheet pan and cut it in half once it was cooled to make two thin cakes then I added layers of the same ice creams in the middle.
As a whole the weekend was a success... full of family, good food and great friends.

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